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Photo of daily life

Fashion and beauty photos

Aerial Images is a specialized agency authorized to use drones for professional purposes with ENAC 33898 non-critical specialized operations and specialized operations standard scenarios. Filming with drones also adds value to your memories: ceremonies, sports and events.

Brand Journalism
The future of the company is to provide information: corporate videos, reviews, press releases. Today it is not enough to know how to write well. This is an important parameter, but brand journalism imposes different skills, involving and creating a relationship of trust with the consumer. Thanks to the broadband media platform, with which it has been possible to surf the internet at ever-increasing speeds, through us you will be able to relaunch your information and spread the videos in real time.

The Reportage
In the world of photography we are very used to seeing beautiful photos, also because today with all the technology available, making the perfect image is becoming increasingly simple. When it comes to knowing how to make a video or photographic reportage, the subject changes, here we see much more the imprint of the professional, who wants to do nothing more than tell a story.

Passage in Palestine
The ice of the Alps melts
Whatever camera you are using to take good pictures, they are not produced in the split second. They are moments in time created by the photographer, as a skilled craftsman he knows how to see the right light, select and organize the elements in front of him in a short time, giving rise to a visual and unique composition for a beautiful photo. Make the most of the time you have available and look for the best opportunity to tell stories through photos.

Fashion & Art
Street photography
Reg.Trib. di Roma N.117/2017
Direttore Responsabile Palo Tripaldi
Direttore Editoriale Alberto Alberti
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