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Agriculture presidium on Aurelia Fiumicino also a coffin for tractor protest
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FIUMICINO TORRIMPIETRA, ROME ITALY- FEBRUARY 6, 2024: Second day of protest, after yesterday morning's one on the Aurelia, farmers and entrepreneurs from the Fiumicino, Anguillara and Cerveteri territories, with about 20 tractors, in garrison along the Aurelia road, between Torrimpietra and Palidoro, near the junction for Bracciano and Tragliatella. They are on the land at the edge of the consular road and there are no problems for the road system. They display on the vehicles, in addition to tricolors, banners or signs with slogans such as "Our end your hunger!", "Italy calls Rome present", "Farmers are not for sale". Law enforcement and local police are on the scene.


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